We Are Hiatus Campers LLC.

Hiatus Campers was cofounded by us, Erin and Tyler. Its purpose is to create and manufacture superior, outdoor recreation equipment for any adventure. We support those who seek an active, outdoor lifestyle. We really love seeing people connect further with the great outdoors. Whether you are planning just a weekend getaway or an extended stay in a new destination, our campers are designed specifically for those who feel more at home getting lost outside than staying put inside. Our top priority is identifying the balance between innovative design and complete functionality without sacrificing performance.

Our mission to create the ultimate adventure rig began when we started looking into purchasing a camper to build out ourselves in 2018. After many months of prowling the internet, we decided to design our own camper, because nothing on the market could check all of the boxes off our list: lightweight, compact, and fully weatherproof. By combining our passion for the outdoors and a shared desire to continue our traveling lifestyle, we were able to focus our energy into creating the tiny home of our dreams: something that could provide us with the ease and comfort of living at home, no matter where we were in the world!

We’re Erin & Tyler and we create campers!

ERIN discovered her passion for building campers through her love of travel.

TYLER has a background in design and has always loved working with his hands, even from a young age.

Meet Erin

As her trips on the road became ever longer and longer, Erin began to explore different styles of living especially what it meant to live small. She studied space saving-solutions and crafty concepts that could turn any cluttered area into an organized one.

Coming from a background in biology, she didn’t anticipate how enjoyable fabrication would be and quickly picked up the metal and woodworking skills needed to build custom campers.

Learning and understanding how to maximize space inside a small area has been a lot of fun for her. After designing the interior for their very first camper in 2018, her interest in design became a full-fledged passion.

Now that she has a Hiatus Camper™️, there’s no end to her adventures and anywhere can turn into her backyard! She can usually be found camping out in the mountains, getting ready for a climb, or cooking breakfast on the beach.

Meet Tyler

A graduate from the University of Washington industrial design program, Tyler has significant experience within the design world. Even when he was little, he knew he wanted to create!

Tyler began woodworking at a young age, taking shop classes and learning from those around him. He also gained experience working with metal during his summers spent commercial fishing in Alaska.

He’s used this knowledge to experiment with many configurations, having designed other camping systems in the past. His desire to create the ultimate rig has grown into the Hiatus Camper™️ pop-up system you see today.

When he’s not in the workshop, you can usually find him playing outside with his toys either skiing, cycling, climbing, or surfing.

For more on our story:

featured in: gearjunkie
original build: imgur
Instagram: @get.the.truck.out

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