How much does it weigh?

Our camper shell weight is 460-480 lbs for mid-size trucks and 480-500 lbs for full-size trucks. Our design can be adapted to fit short and long beds, which is why there is this weight range. Also, if you request a custom interior or additional features, the total weight of your camper will be affected accordingly.

How much does it cost?

Our campers start at a base price of $15,500. This is the cost of a mid-size truck camper shell and its components. You can find a list of these components on the Purchase page on our website. If you choose to have the interior built out, we charge a shop rate plus materials for the design and creation of your personalized interior. You can find examples of interior pricing on the camper customizer form. After we receive your product order request, we will get in contact with you to discuss what type of interior you would like (if any). We will provide you with a formal quote detailing the components of your camper, including all approved interior options/upgrades.

To begin production we require a non-refundable security deposit that will be applied toward your final cost. This security deposit is 50% of the cost of your camper upfront.

We break this security deposit down into two parts: (1) your initial down payment and (2) the secondary down payment. The initial down payment ($500) is submitted on our website via the camper customizer on the Purchase page and goes towards your required security deposit. This puts your name next on the list for production and gives us an idea of what you’d like to see in your camper. When we are ready to begin on your order, we will contact you to confirm what exactly you’d like to see on your camper. Once we discuss what add-on features and upgrades you would like to see, we will provide you with a formal quote. At this time we will request the secondary down payment, which is the remainder of the security deposit. The secondary down payment allows us to order the rest of the materials we need to begin production on your camper.

The remaining total balance will be charged upon completion and installation of your camper. The reason we require these deposits is because there are many fees that go into preparing for your build, such as preordering materials. Additionally, every camper is made specifically for each truck and we order custom components for every build that cannot always be used towards other campers.

The amount of $15,500 is priced out for a mid-size truck. Final cost will vary for long beds or full-size trucks, whose larger beds affect material costs. You can find all of our pricing information on the Purchase page on our website.

All prices listed on our website may be subject to change as we continue to develop our product. We honor the camper base price displayed on our website at the time of order submission, regardless of any future price changes (does not include third party accessories/add on features).

Can you make it for my truck?

Yes! We can customize these campers for any make and model of truck, including long and short beds or full-size trucks.

How will it affect my truck?

To prepare for your camper, you will need to upgrade your suspension. We recommend either adding additional leaf springs or airbag suspension. This helps manage the additional weight and assists in keeping everything properly aligned on your truck after installation.

Campers are known to affect your MPGs, which we kept in mind when developing our product. We utilized lightweight, yet durable materials to eliminate excess weight wherever possible. Gas mileage will vary depending on the camper and the truck.

With our modular interior, you don’t have to give up the functionality of your truck! We can design completely removable furniture that stays secure during your camping trip, but can also be taken out or folded away at a moment’s notice. If you are interested in a more permanent and integrated setup, we can definitely make that happen too!

How does it perform in cold and wet weather?

Our campers perform very well in cold and wet conditions. The rigid, composite panels we use for the folding walls are made out of fiberglass and plastic. These are by nature waterproof. The core of these panels has a closed-cell foam that has high insulative properties. The tough, plastic hinges we use are also waterproof, with the strength of 100 lbs per inch. The base of the camper is constructed using aluminum tubing wrapped in aluminum skin, creating a strong lower frame capable of supporting the wall system. We insulate these walls with closed cell foam as well and finish off the interior with a hard plastic that can be overlaid with a wood finish at your request. The seals and gaskets we use at all points of contact are waterproof. In short, the insulated walls keep warm air in while the waterproof exterior keeps wetness out.

A big part of maintaining your camper’s features is proper care. If you are not planning on using your camper or won’t be popping it open regularly, we highly recommend storing it in a dry or covered area such as a garage or carport. If you do leave it exposed to the elements for long periods without active use, be sure to pop it up from time to time. Airing out your camper and checking for any points of concern is especially important after long periods of persistent wet weather.

How easy is it to open?

Very easy! It takes only one person to pop up or pop down the camper. We attach handles and gas springs to the exterior of the camper to aid in opening and closing. When the camper is in the popped-up position, there are latches on the inside that secure the walls from moving. It takes fewer than 30 seconds to pop open our campers!

Additionally, while we do provide the option to install roof racks, the system should not be popped-open when there is extra weight on the racks. When the system is popped-down, the racks can be used as normal and you may load the recommended amount of weight for the racks. If you intend to pop up the camper, you will need to remove the additional weight for this process to run smoothly. The gas springs that assist in the opening of the system are tailored to the weight of each roof and may not lift properly with excess weight. If you attempt to pop up your camper with items still attached to your racks, and damage or injury occurs, we cannot be held responsible and your warranty will be void.

How big is the bed?

The bed platform for a mid-size truck is 50″ wide by 74″ long. The bed platform for a full-size truck is 57″ wide by 74″ long. For our tall friends, it is possible to increase the length of the sleeping platform.

How big is the overcab area (the cantilevered portion)?

For mid-size trucks, the overcab area extends 38″ out over your truck cab. There is about 28″ of height in this area. For full-size trucks, the overcab area extends 41″ out over your truck cab. There is about 31″ of height in this area.

What is the standing room inside of the shell?

For a mid-size truck the standing room is around 6’2″, for full size it is around 6’5″. This is subject to change depending on the make or model of your truck and whether or not you request a floor. If extra height is required we can discuss custom options.

What is the height of the camper on my truck when popped down?

Since every truck is built differently, the height of the camper varies. Generally, we give 1.5-2″ of space between the roof of your cab and the underside of the overcab portion. The pop-up frame is 9″ thick. Depending on what vent or fan model you go with, that will add another 3-4″ of height on the roof. A good estimate of camper height, when popped down, would be to add 14″ of height to the roof of your truck cab.

Does it lock?

There is a lock on the back door. If you choose to get a lift-up side door, this will be lockable as well. Keys will be provided.

How does it attach to the truck?

The camper is attached using J or C clamps, the standard method for attaching canopies to truck beds. They secure the base of the camper to the rails of the truck bed and are removable.

How long does it take to get my camper?

Depending on the volume of camper requests we receive at any given time, there may be a waitlist for production. You can find lead time notes at the top of our purchase page. When you secure a production slot for a specific month, your camper will be ready by the end of that month, if not sooner. For example, if your order is slated for production in July, your camper will be ready for pickup by the end of July.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a two-year warranty. You can find information on this listed at the bottom of this page under the ‘Documents’ page. This also includes our purchase service agreement that must be agreed to and signed before we begin production.

Are these campers removable?

We currently have a system for camper installation/removal. There are four exterior brackets that have attachable fittings capable of supporting the weight of the camper while it is lifted on/off your truck bed. This provides a way for someone to remove their camper from above e.g. an overhead pulley system. If camper jacks are desired we can incorporate them into your build. Our idea with the bed rail system is that our campers can also be used similarly to a canopy topper, such that you leave it on most of the time without it interfering with your daily use of the truck (which is why many customers prefer the shell model).

Can you drive with the top popped up?

No. Please pop the top down and secure the exterior draw latches before driving.

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